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Advanced iMovie Skills

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

Anybody Can Make a Crappy iMovie. 

Before we try to make you a skilled filmmaker on iMovie, watch this video.  Mr. Burell is still working on it, and it needs editing in several ways.  Still, though, ask yourself these questions:


1.  How Many Different Techniques is this movie using?

2.  Do I know how to do all those techniques (pay special attention to the still photos).

Give it a watch now.  It's short:


Find more videos like this on KIS AP Lit 07-08


Here's how you can be different, and make films with quality.


The most important skills for you to have, in order of importance:






Episode 1: Using Copy-right free images, videos, and music - the easy solution is CREATIVE COMMONS SEARCH.


(YouTube, Google Video, every other site deletes movies and podcasts that violate copyright.)


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Episode 2:  Still Photo Skills with the Ken Burns Effect:


Add focus to your still photos by zooming or panning on them exactly how you want to.  (Added 29 October 2007)


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3. (Coming Soon)  For soundtracks and music:  Exporting loop files from GarageBand (iMovie's GB audio library is too small!) - or better still, CREATING YOUR OWN SOUNDTRACKS on GarageBand.  It's easy to learn.


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