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Curriculum: Essential Documents

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1. Standards and Outcomes

  • NETS Standards: National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers, from ISTE. Just released in June 2007.  This site is packed with pdf files covering everything from assessing teacher skills for differentiated training to aligning standards from k-12.  It is the authority for best practices in 21st century learning.



2. Information Literacy: Locating, Evaluating, and Managing Information in the Digital Age


3. Responsible Use, Permission to Publish (Parent Letter), Acceptable Use, Privacy Policies


4. Guides to Teaching with Wikis, Blogs, RSS, and More



Thanks to Wes Fryer for this - from the ACOT 10 Year Report.




RSS Readers:



  • A History Teacher:  Dan McDowell's website is a goldmine of ideas and resources for incorporating wikis into the history and social studies classroom - but they can be adapted easily to all subjects!


  • Wikis Ideas for the Classroom: guide with suggestions for all subject areas and grade levels - great resource.




5.  Online Textbooks, Encyclopedias, Primary Sources

History / Social Studies:

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