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Digital Arts for the Linguistic (Word Smart)

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Digital Menu for the Verbally Intelligent


1. Blogging



2. Digital Storytelling

Using digital video, photos, and music (all seamlessly combined for easy production in GarageBand or iMovie in Apple's iLife, but possible also in Windows MovieMaker) to enhance the spoken word.  Here are some examples of finished products:


3. Spoken Word: Podcasting



4. Quotations: Finders and Widgets

All of the widgets below can be reshaped to fit whatever size you need.


Quotiki: great for creating your own set of quotes to randomly appear each time your blog, wiki, or other website is refreshed.  Example:

Quotes4all:  similar to the above, often funny.  Example: 

Quotations Page: Search for quotes by keyword or person, add your own, use their widget on your blog.  Examples:

single quote:


four quotes: 



5. Critical Response Websites

NPR Vocal Impressions:NPR series that airs music clips, then asks viewers to write descriptions of the musician's voice;  also great for "musical" learners.


6.  For Languages other than English (web 2.0 tools)

International Web 2.0 tools--Comprehensive list of popular web 2.0 tools in Germany, Spain, Brazil, Korea, Italy, Australia, England, and more

Myspace for U.S. Latinos

MySpace for Latin Americans

YouTube Espanol

Created by Clay Burell 

Grown by great contributors everywhere (why not you?) 

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