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Kathleen's Presentation

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

1. Did you ever feel this way?  Building an airplane in mid-flight (EDS commercial)

2. Maslow's pyramid

3. 21st c. skills report

4. Changing job description for digital teachers

  • industrial age > Knowledge age
  • teacher-centered instruction >

5. Millenials want to learn

  • with technology
    • note we haven't clued into cellphones as learning tools
  • with one another
  • online
  • anytime anyplace
  • relevance

6. Who is Gen Y?

  • Most popular college majors
    • medicine, education, business, engineering, law, computer science
  • Most valued qualities
    • responsibility, independence, creativity, idealistic, commintted co-workers

7. Welcome to our (students')  world:

  • like laptops better than books
  • info-abundant, not info-scarce
  • producing real knowledge products
  • organizing digital libraries and workspaces (folders)
  • online textbooks
  • "like having a little studio" right there in your computer

8. Redefining achievement (one reason some teachers resist "the shift")

  • rethinking "term paper" - Marco Torres on "the language of multimedia for social studies term-papers"
    • "irked" by 15-page term paper admin law
    • assigned a "history of local, federal voting" film
      • The Power of One
        • (what editing program did they use for the titles?)
        • interesting use of black space and titles with still photos
      • "How many pages would it take to get the same message across"
        • hired by MTV


9. Basic Skills

  • Mastering the 3 R's:
    • fundamental skills mastered more quickly with tech-based curriculum
    • more engaged for longer periods of time
    • adapts instruction to individual student needs
      • Vocabucasting:  DePortola Elementary
        • 5 kids, two words per student, in groups
        • into GB, then podcast (iWed or whatever)
        • handheld mp3 recorder
        • great student testimonial
    • Technology Proficiency
      • they write more and better when they word process (or use wikis)
      • ready access to world of information
      • digital media develops creativity
      • increases pride
        • Rethinking the Egypt Report
          • criteria: who what where when appearance
          • choices: keynote imovie podcast
          • aligned with research standards
            • more engagement
          • improves engagement for gifted and talented kids
            • example: Kid needed some audio editing instruction
    • Preparing students for the Changing World
      • Google Lit Trips
      • P.E.: Tundra Trekkers


Inspiration8:  there are free web-based ones now, that are more powerful too.

Wikis: Wikispaces is probably best, all around


Blogger (WordPress is better)

iWeb (only if students can edit from home; again, WordPress is better otherwise)


Google Earth




KISS:  Many disagree with this one, including Alan November.


10. Teacher Continuum self-evaluation


11. ali.apple.com KIS group

  • will be featured at Apple Store, COEX mall
  • deadline Spring 2008


Tools I want:


boom and shotgun mic

microhones for classroom podcasts (necessary?)

film editing computer suite

iMicrophone for iPod





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