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Links to Real World Examples of 21st C Educators

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Digital Storytelling from Jessica Yun, Grade 9, Seoul (2006-07)


21st Century School Administrators

  • Leadertalk: Superintendents, School Directors, and Principals of 21st century schools worldwide all contribute to this blog to share their experiences trying to create quality 21st century schools.  Good blog to read for administrators looking for great ideas and a network.
  • Meriwether Elementary School (Portland, OR): Tim Lauer is the principal. He blogs for the school and for himself (and on LeaderTalk, above).


K-5 Classrooms:

History / Social Studies:

  • Guardians of Freedom:  Award-winning grade 5 and 6 oral histories project, interviewing WW II veterans.
  • Mr. Hetherinton's Grade 6 Social Studies Class Blog:  Note the links to other classrooms around the world in the sidebar!  His students globally connected.
  • Anthony Armstrong (KIS!) History 8 Wiki: And check out the blog and other tools they're using - top notch!
  • French Revolution Ant-Farm Diaries: A writing-to-learn historical fiction project, using collaborative writing on a wiki with Jason Spivey's and Clay Burell's grade 9 World History classes.
  • A Broken World - World War I to World War II Wiki Textbook:  created by grade 9 students in Clay Burell's World History class at KIS (2006-07)
  • KIS Grade 9 World History Wiki '07-'08:  Jason Spivey and I have been team teaching this year in Grade 9 World History.  Each unit has centered on using a Wikispaces website to share content like readings and helpful study links for students.  More importantly, it has served as a forum for students to post and collaborate on work.  They have done more traditional assignments together like post encyclopedic entries on civilizations circa 1700, as well as post video clips and podcasts.  It has been a great way for Jason and me to collaborate so that we are on the same page, and it has been interesting to see how the students have interacted on the site thus far.





  • Welker's Wikinomics (Shanghai American School): Advanced economics, uses Wetpaint.  Looks great!





English / Language Arts:

  • Westlake High School's Vietnam Memorial Project  -- a film-making/digital storytelling project inspired by The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien's classic Vietnam War novel (thanks to Carolyn Foote, Austin, TX, for sharing the project, a collaboration between librarian, tech dept., and English department). 
  • Vietnam Vets respond to the project on a blog here.
  • Trial of Lenny and George in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men - in Second Life:  Suffern Middle School created a virtual courtroom, then held a jury trial of the characters in Steinbeck's novel.  This is high speed, but middle schoolers could handle it.  Amazing.
  • 1001 Flat World Tales: a globally connected creative writing workshop on a wiki, using the 6 Traits of Effective Writing.  Grade 9 students from Seoul, Honolulu, and Denver wrote, gave peer feedback, and revised together for six weeks on the wiki.  International student editors from the three schools then had Skype meetings (internet telephone conferences) to select the best stories for publication on the 1001 Tales blog.  Note the podcasts of the published students reciting their stories.
  • KIS 9 English '07-'08 Wiki:   Tim Bray and James Brightman have been team teaching this year in Grade 9 English.  For the most part, I have not used technology significantly yet, but we also established a Wikispaces website to facilitate the study of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Students collaborated on and posted entries about each act of the play to help each other remember key plot lines, characters, symbolism, comedic devices, quotes, rhyme scheme, and alliteration.  They also posted artwork and video clips on these entries to enhance understanding of the play.  The unit culminated in performances that will be posted on Wikispaces to help promote the play later this semester.  Students may also refer back to the Wiki to study for their final.


Foreign Languages:



  • Kids Connect: New York<>Nieuw Amsterdam:  a series of collaborative performance and storytelling workshops for young people in multiple locations. We introduce students to theatrical and digital methods, building a solid foundation of audio, visual and programming knowledge through which they can tell stories about their lives. Participants connect and create with other students via audio/visual and streaming Internet technologies within the online virtual world of Second Life.  See their Wiki also.


Community Service:

  • Global Kids' Digital Media Initiative: committed to transforming urban youth into successful students as well as global and community leaders. Using interactive and experiential methods to educate youth about critical international and foreign policy issues, GK provides students with opportunities for civic and global engagement.



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