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Must-Have Accounts for Read-Write Web

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Photo credit: StarbucksGuy on Flickr


Start Your Engines for the Starbuck's Grand Prix



Get ready to create accounts like a crazy person.  

Hint: use the same username and password you use for everything else (except your bank account).



First, create a bookmark folder labeled "Web 2.0" in your bookmarks toolbar on Firefox:

Bookmarks >

Bookmark this page >

Click Expand Triangle (Right of "Create In")

Bookmarks Toolbar >

New Folder >

Web 2.0 >




Here we go. Eleven Essential Web 2.0 Tools:

(We'll leave it up to you to imagine why they're essential, and how.)




  1. Google Gmail:

    1. If you don't have Gmail, create an account now.  Trust us: Hotmail doesn't work for a lot of sites you're going to join, and a Google account will blow you away anyway!)

      Use this address to sign up for all the accounts below!







  1.  KIS Writes (WordPress Multiple User blogging):  Our school blogging site

    1. Create an account: request a blog, using your Gmail address. (Don't worry about your blog's name - you can easily change it later!)






  1. Bloglines RSS reader

  1. Create an account, using your Gmail
  2. Bookmark it!
  3. Subscribe to the High School Ning in your Bloglines by clicking this orange button (see image, right) in the address bar
  4. Put it in a folder labeled "work"
  5. Save it.




  1. del.icio.us social bookmarking.  Save your favorite websites online, and share them with others.

    1. Create an account: First Initial + Last Name is a good one to remember
    2. remember your username
    3. Do a del.icio.us "tag search" using these three terms:  web20   [the subject area you teach]    education
    4. Find one link that looks like it might be useful or fun, and save the bookmark
    5. Copy the link you chose, click "comments" on THIS WIKI page, and PASTE the link as a comment - leaving your name.  (We'll put all these on this wiki as shared resources.)
    6. Subscribe to that search page in Bloglines
    7. Put it in a folder labeled "delicious searches"
    8. Save on Bloglines
    9. Bookmark del.icio.us in your Firefox bookmarks toolbar "Web 2.0" folder!


  1. Diigo social bookmarking. 

    1. Create an account with your Gmail address
    2. Use first intial + last name
    3. Join the KIS 1:1 laptop Diigo group so we can play with the million life-sa ving ways you can use this for yourself or your classes.
    4.  Install the Firefox Diigo toolbar.
    5. Restart Firefox.
    6. Click "install"
    7. On Diigo Toolbar, click dropdown triangle > SHOW ANNOTATIONS > GROUPS > 1:1 Laptop
    8. See anything different?  Hover over it
    9. click "actions" > "add comment,"  and win the first Starbucks Gift Certificate by being the first to TYPE, then YELL, your answer
    10. click "save"
    11. Go to OPTIONS on Diigo Toolbar > Bookmark and Highlight > Check del.icio.us (bottom box) and enter your del.icio.us username
    12. Highlight this sentence
    13. Select "bookmark and highlight"
    14. tag it:  web2.0 wiki
    15. click "share"
    16. click "1:1 laptop"
    17. click submit and close
    18. put mouse over your highlight
    19. click "add sticky note"
    20. click "rich formatting"
    21. type your favorite funny one-liner or insult
    22. select 'public" and "1;1 laptop"
    23. tag it: joke web2.0 edtech
    24. click "okay"
    25. on Diigo toolbar, click on "My Bookmarks"
    26. Click on "My Boomarks" at the top of the drop-down menu
    27. On your Diigo Bookmarks web-page, click "groups"
    28. Click "expand all"
    29. check it out!
    30. Go to your del.icio.us home-page
    31. check it out! (it might take a minute or three)
    32. Congratulations: You are now initiated into the world of Social Bookmarking!



  1. Flickr photo-sharing. 




    1. Create an account with Gmail.
      1. Join the KIS HS Staff group so we can see how you might create groups for your classes or activities (and think of family and friend groups!).
      2. Bookmark it! 
      3. Subscribe to it with Bloglines!
        1. Click the orange RSS button in the address bar
        2. click "subscribe with Bloglines"
        3. Click "save"
      4. Upload a photo to Flickr from your computer
      5. Share your photo with our KIS group.
      6. Refresh the page
      7. Look at the slideshow above - put your mouse over it and look for your photos :)
      8. Congratulations!  You've now glimpsed the wonders of Flickr!



  1. Tiny URL

    1. no account necessary
    2. just drag the TinyURL bookmarklet on the bottom half of the page into your toolbar. It's useful for Twitter. You'll see.)










  1. Wikispaces for Teachers

    1. Bookmark it! - you can create an account later, if/when you decide to use it.)





  1. Wetpaint (another free wiki choice)

    1. Bookmark it! - you can create an account later, if/when you decide to use it.





  1. KIS Moodle

    1. Bookmark it!



  1. Skype: free online telephone for group calls worldwide!

    1. Bookmark it! (Download it later - no more phone bills for international calls)





Call a referee for your team's Starbucks Gift Certificates, and for extra raffle tickets for the end-of-day drawing for 2nd through 8th place!



Photo credit: teliko82




Wiki by Clay Burell and many collaborative partners.

October 3, 2007

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