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What is Web 2 0

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Prelude: EPIC 2015 - The History of the Web 2.0 Shift, and a Vision of Where It Will Lead in the Next Decade:


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A Web of Connections: Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything (for Schools, Teaching, and Learning)

wiki that Will Richardson uses for this September 29, 2007 presentation:



1. RSS in Plain English:


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Good RSS readers:

  • Bloglines (best search engine for feeds)
  • Google Reader
  • Pageflakes



2. Wikis in Plain English:


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Great wiki sites:

  • PBwiki (this wiki is a PBwiki): great ease of use, but comments are limited to 2,000 characters - not good. Wikispaces is better for ccmment discussions.
  • Wikispaces (add-free for teachers): not as pretty as PBwiki, but a great comment interface and layout
  • WetPaint
  • Zoho



3. What is Blogging?  (It's More Than Just Writing Online)


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Free blogging sites:

  • for KIS: KISwrites
  • Blogger (owned by Google - wonderfully open to embedding all file types, but doesn't allow static pages - a big drawback)
  • Edublogs (biggest community of educator bloggers)
  • Learnerblogs (for students - sometimes unreliable, in my experience - slow or down quite frequently in winter '06)
  • 21classes
  • Classblogmeister (not very attractive, but good control for classes in younger ages)

Free blogging software to install on your own server - requires some web-hosting skills:

  • WordPress
  • WordPress Multiple User (MU)
  • Drupal (more flexible and muscular for large communities)



4. Social Bookmarking in Plain English:  del.ici.ous, Diigo, and more


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Good articles for follow-up:

  • Steve Dembo at Discovery Educators Network: here and here

Links to social bookmarking sites:

  • del.icio.us
  • Diigo - better than del.icio.us alone, since Diigo allows you to bookmark, highlight, annotate, and share bookmarks with groups, while at the same time forwarding all bookmarks to your del.icio.us account


5. Google Docs in Plain English:


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6. Creative Commons (the Anti-Copyright): "Get Creative"


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